Legend has it

From 1920 to 1933, in the USA, a constitutional amendment prohibited the production, transportation, sale and import of alcoholic beverages. 

During this period called ‘’Prohibition’’, sailors, pirates and smugglers left the West Indies for Bermuda and set sail to St-Pierre-et-Miquelon to arrive in an archipelago of small islands, in the middle of the St Lawrence River. This is the route through which many ships travelled, carrying on board, cargo of rum, destined for the various illegal markets in all America. 

According to the legend, once in Québec, the white rum filled barrels, called jugs, were transported to one specific tiny island which the smugglers called in their own language The Spicy Island. The know-how of our ancesters was then interwonen with certain southern traditions and the boreal flavours were blended in with the great natural vertues of the sugar cane. This is the inspiration behind the Archipel recipe.


Spice Man

Legend has it that America’s most feared smuggler had the the homemade recipe’s ingredients tattooed on his body. He was known as Spice Man, and the latter claimed to make the best rum in the world.